What is the Advanced Search?

All legislation within reach.

By default, SmartLeges includes a wide library of laws of many countries, normally the most used ones, available to all users, even not registered users. In the libraries of some countries is available, in addition, an advanced search engine that allows to search almost any law of the country.

This search engine is available to all users, but only subscribers may download and consult the laws that are not available in the default libraries. In addition,  users subscribet to SmartLeges Premium can access all the laws of the advanced search for free and without restrictions. Access to these laws will only be available while your subscription is active.

Where is the Advanced Search?

You can reach the Advanced Search form by clicking on this button:

How does the Advanced Search work?

Just fill in those fields which you consider in the Advaced Search form. You can search by Type of Legislation. These fields may change depending on the country:


Why should I register?

Make the most out of SmartLeges. Sign up for free!    

Have you forgotten your Smartphone at the office? Now you can use the Tablet to access SmartLeges. Don’t you have it with you? Install for free SmartLeges on any other device and refer to the information you need by logging into your account. Have you lost your device? The registration at SmartLeges offers you a free and secure backup. Don’t lose your data!

Now with Cloud technology 

Registration at SmartLeges allows you to take advantage of Cloud technology to access your information from multiple devices. If you log from another device where you have installed the application, you can consult laws, notes, underlines, matters, etc., as well as modify this information to have it available later in other devices.

I have used the application without registering. If I register, will I lose the information?

No. You can register for free at any time from the device where you have the information. An account with all your information will be created for you and you will be able to access it from any device.

What advantages do subscribers enjoy?

SmartLeges Premium subscribers enjoy many advantages and some extra features which include:

  • Free unlimited access to all the laws of the application libraries
  • Free unlimited access to all laws of the advanced search in those libraries which incorporate it
  • Unrestricted access to all functions of SmartLeges
  • Access SmartLeges from your computer through the web application
Can I work without Internet connection?

Work offline with SmartLeges for free!

One of the advantages of SmartLeges is that it allows you to work without Internet connection from your mobile phone or your tablet if, for example, your device does not have coverage. You can login* and work with your information, as it is stored both on the server and on your device. You can modify the information and add new data and consult the laws you have in My laws. To download other laws, you will need an Internet connection.

All data that you modify, add, or delete will be synchronized with the server when the connection to the Internet is restored and will be available since then in other devices that you use normally.

*You can only login without Internet connection with the last user loged on a particular device.

Can I consult the laws of other country?

Yes. In the laws menu you will find an icon in the upper right corner which allows you to change your library. If you change the library you will not lose your laws on My laws nor the rest of information. You can go back to your usual library through the same button when you want to.

You can also you have laws of different libraries in My laws at the same time and consult them without changing the library.

How do I select a different library?

To change the library and consult the laws of another country follow these steps:

1. Go to Laws and click the icon in the top right corner:

2. Select the country from which you want to see the laws. You can slide up and down to see more countries:

What is My Laws?

Whenever you consult a law for the first time, it is downloaded on your device so that you can work with it. In My laws, you can consult all the laws that you have downloaded to your device and which you have available even without Internet connection. If you remove a law from My laws, you can recover it later at no cost (laws from the advanced search will only be available while the subscription is active). In addition, you can decide whether to maintain the associated information (notes, underlines, etc.) in order to recover it later when you restore the law or delete this information permanently.

When you include a law in My laws you will receive a notification when a new version of the law is available.

If you register for free at SmartLeges, you will be able to access the laws of My laws from other devices where you login.

What happens if I remove a law from My Laws?

If you remove a law from My laws, you can restore it later from the law list without having to buy the law again. You can only consult laws from the advanced search while you have an active subscription.

Each time you remove a law you can decide whether to maintain the associated information (notes, underlines, etc.) in order to recover it later when you restore the law or delete this information permanently. You can not undo this action.

If I cancel my subscription, will I lose my information?

If you cancel your SmartLeges Premium subscription or it becomes temporarily suspended for non-payment, you can download the information in a file that we will generate for you. If later you decide to subscribe again, your information will be available in your account once again. If not, we will give you the option to delete your information permanently. Once deleted, the recover of information will be not possible even if you renew your subscription.

Can I work with multiple devices?

Yes, you just have to create an account through the free registration process. From then on, all your information will be synchronized with the server. When you log on another device, all of your information will be downloaded so that you can work normally. This new device will also synchronize all of your work with the server.

If you work with more than one device, it is important that the application has synchronized the information with the server before closing . The application will do its best to do this for you. But you also have two ways to be sure of this:

(a) press the Logout button in the main menu before closing the application. Remember that you’ll need to enter your user name and password to login again on this device.

(b) press the Synchronize button from the menu Configuration before closing the application without closing the session.

What is the free registration?

Trough the free registration, you’ll get a user account with which you can connect from other devices (smartphone, tablet, computer…) and access all of your information at any time. Moreover, the registration at SmartLeges offers you a free and secure backup. Don’t lose your data!

Should I register to use the application?

No, it is not required. You can use the application without registering and for free indefinitely. However, some options are not available or are limited. Moreover, you can not consult your information on other devices. Remember you can register free at anytime to view your information from any device.

What do the colors of the laws mean?

Each law is preceded by an icon with a color. These are their meaning:

Free law for all users

Payment law (free to subscribers)

Law available only for subscribers

Group of laws